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Cycling in Nuenen c.a., North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

3035 116
7.7 km
00:26 h
134 kcal
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By bike along the four barefoot paths of Nuenen! That means getting off regularly to let your toes wiggle. Walking barefoot is wonderful - just think of a walk on the beach. But it is also very healthy! Regular barefoot walking on different surfaces stimulates the heart and circulation, regulates blood pressure and is good for coordination. But that's not all: such a round of barefoot pad also strengthens the back muscles and promotes bowel function. And all this in a beautiful environment, where you focus all the way to your feet: some find it a truly meditative experience. Give it a try! After walking barefoot you will experience more energy, flowing through your entire body - even those feet, to which you normally pay little attention. With this route you will discover the barefoot paths through the goose flower field around the De Roosdonck mill, the wild flower field opposite, the De Ruise Hof park and the Langrepelpad. You walk on a surface of short-cut grass, which feels wonderful on your feet. At the Ruise Hof it really feels like a down blanket made of grass - also fun with young children! You start at village farm Weverkeshof and first lead you along the beautiful Hooionkse Beek. You cycle a route around Gerwen, just above Nuenen. Along the way you will encounter various barefoot paths - De Rulse Hof is immediately recognizable by the brightly colored benches and the art objects of the Lunet Care Foundation. Would you like to have a drink after the route? In Nuenen you will find nice terraces! Restaurant P69, the brasserie of Auberge Vincent, for example, has a beautiful view of the park in the center of the village. Please note that the barefoot trails are open from mid-June to October 2014.
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# Description Distance
78 (5674SJ, Nuenen c.a., North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
78 (5674SJ, Nuenen c.a., North Brabant, The Netherlands) 7.65 km

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  • Nuenen c.a., North Brabant
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