Oostrum, Horst and Tienray

Venray - Limburg - The Netherlands

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62.32 km
1098 kcal
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The Broekhuizerbroek stretches to the east of Horst. The old Meanders here provide a unique piece of nature in the Netherlands. Wet grasslands, swamps and bog forests, as well as puddled ponds, stretch out in front of you, varying in height and vegetation. Seepage water originates in the lower lying areas. In the middle of the meander is a high drifting sand surfacing called De Hondsberg. You also cycle through beautiful Venray, which has traditionally been an agrarian municipality. The name comes from the word 'venne' and from 'ewes', this is because Venray is located in a place where they used to have to clear a lot of land before it was suitable for to use. After the Second World War, Venray took a new (industrial) path. From 1949 a few small industries settled in Venray and since then the industry in Venray has grown strongly. During your bike ride you can also expect two nice sights. Molen Eendracht Maakt Macht in Meterik is one of them. The round stone belt mill was built in 1898 with money contributed by the inhabitants of Schadijk. The year 1798, which is on the beard of the kore mill is therefore misleading, but the mill was built with parts from an older mill dating from that year. Eendracht Maakt On Saturday afternoons you can buy freshly ground grains in the mill shop. You can also experience the grinding process in the mill. After more than 2.5 hours of cycling, your effort will be rewarded with a beautiful view of De Gun castle farm. This beautiful property stands on the edge of an old Maasmeander on the edge of a high terrace. Part of the moat around the former castle is still visible. Also note the beautiful brickwork under the eaves.

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