Cycling through the Dommeldal, the Kampina and the Oisterwijkse Fens

Boxtel - North Brabant - The Netherlands

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Dense forests, a vast heathland, old estates and pleasant villages. You will find them between Vught and Oisterwijk, one of the most beautiful regions of the already beautiful Brabant.

The route starts at Eetcafe De Oude Ketting. Grab a nice terrace here before you cycle into the Dommeldal. The De Genenberg windmill dates from 1841, now it is a residence. In Sint-Michielsgestel, just before you cross the Dommel, you can see the fifteenth-century detached tower. Remarkable: four different churches have stood on this spot. Just above Halder you have a magnificent view over the Dommel and Nieuw-Herlaer, an ancient castle on the other side.

House Leeuwenstein
In Vught you will pass the Reeburg Park, a former nineteenth-century estate. At the edge of the park you will see Huis Leeuwenstein, a villa from 1901. The centuries-old Castle Nemerlaer is a special place. Just like the forests of the Oisterwijkse Vennen and the adjacent heathland of De Kampina. Get off the bus to enjoy the silence here, before cycling back to Boxtel.

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