Walking through the Peel from Helenaveen

Deurne - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Hiking route 1488492

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637 50
15.18 km
863 kcal
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The starting point of this walking route is Hotel Eetcafé In D 'ouwe Peel in Helenaveen. Outside Griendtsveen, this is the only two peat colony in the southern Netherlands. The town enjoys a protected townscape, nice to get a taste of the atmosphere! Today you walk through the Deurnsche Peel and the Mariapeel. In the past, these areas together formed a vast moorland landscape. Helenaveen was specially constructed for the extraction of raised moors, also known as 'the black gold'. Nowadays, efforts are being made to make the area around Helenaveen wetter again, so that the raised moor can recover. It is a popular habitat for birds. You also walk through the fragrant coniferous forest of De Marisberg, the highest point in the Peel. It is also called Belgenhoek, after the Belgians who built the Helenavaart more than 100 years ago.

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