Cycling along the water; Afferden, Cuijk and Boxmeer

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Bergen
  • 43.53 km (Approximately 02:33 u)
  • Cycling route 147336

Cycling along the water; Afferden, Cuijk and Boxmeer

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Bergen
  • 43.53 km (Approximately 02:33 u)
  • Cycling route 147336

It is wonderful to cycle along the banks of the Maas. This route starts in the town of Afferden at Eetwinkel Het Eendje. Start the tour right here with a cup of coffee and something delicious. Immediately after departure, you will cycle through the floodplains of the right bank of the Maas. Here you pass the Gerardamolen, a windmill that has been standing here since 1950. Originally this polder mill (1850) comes from Friesland. Stop along the way at Buitenplaats Zevenhuisjes in Cuijk for a cup of coffee and a small snack. In the village of Heijen you pass the beautiful castle Heyen from the sixteenth century. After Middelaar you cross the bridge to Cuijk after which you continue the route on the left side of the Maasoever. After more than forty kilometers you will arrive back at your starting point. Time to relax!


# Description Distance
Eetwinkel Het Eendje (Dorpsstraat, 5851 AG, Bergen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
34 (5851AP, Bergen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.35 km
Gerardamolen (Gerardamolen, 6598AG, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.87 km
Heyen (6598AB, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.15 km
29 (6598AA, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.56 km
51 (6591GT, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 10.63 km

Pause places

Eetwinkel Het Eendje

Dorpsstraat 9
5851 AG Bergen

Eetwinkel Het Eendje is a cozy bicycle cafe where you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink before or after your active day. In good weather you can use the beautiful terrace in the sun. The food shop is a great base or stopover for lovely walks through De Maasduinen National Park. Or take the ferry across the Maas and take a bike ride to the beautiful authentic villages of Northeast Brabant. The owners also opened the Dorpswinkel Afferden in May 2020, an asset to the village!

Buitenplaats Zevenhutten

Hoenderberg 9
5431 PC Cuijk

Just south of Cuijk, just over the railway towards Vianen and Haps, you will find a unique place for nature, recreation, farewell and memory: Buitenplaats Zevenhuisjes. The estate is surrounded by a special nature and recreation area. On the terrace of the country estate you can enjoy views of the rural surroundings. And a tasteful menu for breakfast, lunch or drinks in the open air. There is also a field cafe where you can settle down for a cup of coffee and a small snack.



6598AG Gennep

The most famous windmill type in the Netherlands. Windmills were not only used to produce flour from cereals, but also for draining polder areas. Natural energy. The most famous windmills can be found in Kinderdijk, really set up as a polder model. A must see!

Museum Ceuclum

5431 EM Cuijk

Nowhere is Cuijk's Roman past better visible than in Museum Ceuclum. Here you can admire models of the temple, the fort and the Maas bridge from Roman times. There are also many Roman objects on display, including a pair of leather shoes that have been preserved in the water for centuries. In addition to Roman times, the museum also shows other periods in Cuijk history. For example, stone arrowheads of 10,000 years old can be seen. The Middle Ages and the New Age are also discussed. The museum is located in the medieval tower of the Martinuskerk. You can climb up here and enjoy the beautiful view over Cuijk, the Maas and the surrounding landscape. That alone makes a visit more than worthwhile.

Jan van Cuijk

Jan van Cuijk 4
5431 HJ Cuijk

This flour mill was built in 1860 and is used to produce flour from cereals.

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