Along the Schipdonk Canal to Aardenburg

Knokke-Heist - Flanders - Belgium

Cycling route 142582

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2476 47
45.63 km
804 kcal
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Get a breath of fresh air on the beach and enjoy the reclaimed Zeeland, that's what you do with this cross-border route. You pass through the old fortified town of Sluis, which was created when the Zwin nature reserve started to silt up. As a result, the direct connection with the trading city of Bruges was blocked and Sluis was given the opportunity to flourish further. Sluis became the main outport of Bruges and its strategic location made the city, which was granted city rights in 1290, a fortified city in 1392. Three hundred years, and many battles later, Sluis became less important, but no battle was more devastating than the Allied bombing on October 11, 1944, which reduced Sluis to a smoking mess in which 61 inhabitants were killed. After the Second World War, the city was rebuilt in a traditionalist style. The walls have remained intact and the small, cozy, historic center has been restored.

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