Helmets & Heroes

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Westvoorne
  • 44.96 km (Approximately 02:38 u)
  • Cycling route 141870

Helmets & Heroes

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Westvoorne
  • 44.96 km (Approximately 02:38 u)
  • Cycling route 141870
Voorne-Putten is a transition zone between the metropolis of Rotterdam and rural Zeeland. A connection between two worlds, between then and now and between tradition and future. If you drive up to the island of Voorne-Putten from the busy industrial areas around Rotterdam, the contrast is enormous. From enormous oil refineries, the view extends to a tranquil landscape with picturesque villages, dunes and forests. Explore the'backyard of Rotterdam\\\' by bike.

The Oostvoornse and the Brielse Meer
The starting point of this route is on the edge of the island. On one side you look out over the Maasvlakte and on the other side you see the green beach of the Slikken van Oostvorne. From here you cycle along the Oostvoornse Meer and then along the Brielse Meer. Along the way you will pass an old beacon that recalls the time when the island had to be defended against enemies who wanted to conquer the island from the sea.

Historic Cities
Then you cycle into Den Briel. Get off your bike to climb the downtown church tower for breathtaking views of the old town. The next town on the route is Hellevoetsluis. This was the home port of sea heroes such as Michiel de Ruyter and Piet Heijn, who sailed from this port to the world's seas.

The largest spoonbill colony
In addition to a fascinating history, Voorne-Putten also has areas with many animals and plants. You can admire one of the largest spoonbill colonies here. You can also encounter large grazers during your bike ride. So be prepared to come face to face with a special animal in the dunes.

This route is one of the 31 selected routes for the May Month of Cycling Month 2016. The May Month of Cycling Month has been a major event for recreational cyclists for many years. Route.nl provides cycling enthusiasts with beautiful cycling routes every year in May in collaboration with the tourist office and partners. Curious about the origins of this month for cycling enthusiasts? Then read this article


# Description Distance
1 (3233CW, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
51 (3233AX, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.34 km
2 (3233AG, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.24 km
51 (3233AX, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.15 km
52 (3233XJ, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.94 km
53 (Bollaarsdijk, 3233LJ, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 7.08 km

Pause places

De Hoofdwacht

Markt 7
3231 AH Brielle

A unique establishment on the Market in Brielle! The former Hoofdwacht was designed in Louis XVI style by the Brielsche architect Johan van Westerhout. A historic spot, dating from 1789. Its favorable location means that De Hoofdwacht has become the food and drink room of Brielle. A cozy place for coffee and cake, lunch, drinks, dinner and going out into the late hours. Discover the beautiful fortified town of Brielle, which is linked to the Eighty Years' War. From here you can also cycle across Voorne-Putten to Hellevoetsluis or the Duinen van Oostvoorne.

Badhotel Rockanje & Brasserie Lodgers

2e Slag 1
3235 CR Westvoorne

Badhotel Rockanje & Brasserie Lodgers: the charging point for you and your bike! From Badhotel Rockanje you can easily walk or cycle to the beach. The beach is located in a'bay\\\' against an undeveloped coast. After a long walk on the beach or a day outside, it is nice to lounge against one of the large cushions by the fireplace in the Brasserie of the hotel. In warm weather you can take a cooling dip in the outdoor pool, or relax on a sun lounger. The varied nature is an ideal place for a beautiful walk or bike ride!


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