From Ede to Arnhem and back

Ede - Gelderland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 140577

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44.52 km
784 kcal
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This round takes you from Ede across the Veluwe to Arnhem. A nice knew-you-that to start your cycling tour from Pannenkoekenhuis De Langenberg is the meaning of the name Arnhem. This would be derived from Arn or Aro - from the Germanic arnu (eagle) - and hem (home). Arendthuis. Or just "Ernhem" in the vernacular. In the second half of the 18th century, wealthy residents of The Hague moved to country houses in the woods around Arnhem. That explains the nickname "The Hague of the East." You cycle along this wealth in the wooded area in and around Arnhem and Oosterbeek. This bike tour leads you over the most beautiful parts of the Veluwe. End your day at your start and end point with a delicious pancake at Pannenkoekenhuis de Langenberg.
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