Along the Scheldt near Dendermonde

Cycling in Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium

Cycling route 139027

Provided by: Groots Genieten

1718 27
58.8 km
03:27 h
1036 kcal
9 m
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Park the car in Dendermonde at junction 91, close to the river Scheldt. Dendermonde is world famous as the Ros Beiaardstad with a history dating back to the 15th century. Once every 10 years, the steed with the four heemschildren on its back travels through the streets of the city. When you are ready, the adventure can begin and you climb on your own steel steed. You keep the river on your left and in one of the meanders you suddenly find yourself in a wonderfully quiet green oasis. It is the Vlassenbroekse polder also called Baasrode Broek. The quiet artists' village of Vlassenbroek is located in this diked area. The Romanesque-Gothic church, the Scheldedijk, the art galleries and the terraces are popular with many passers-by. Characteristics of this piece of polder and Broek are the inner and outer dike areas with many creeks and ditches, meadows bordered with Canadian poplars, the freshwater salt marshes with reed beds and willow thickets are unique, and the former marsh area also known as wheels. Due to the diversity of structure and biotopes, you will also encounter different animals. Typical bird species in this nature reserve are the Reed Warbler, Wood Warbler and also the rarer Bluethroat and Reed Bunting. If you listen carefully, you can hear the call of the Cuckoo and you really go deeper into the polder, you can also observe a Kingfisher, or a Blue Heron that skims above the treetops. The rarer Golden Oriole and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker can also be found in the polder. Dendermonde has a beautiful market square in the center, but the St. Peter & Paul Abbey is also worth a visit, which you can cycle past. The original Capuchin monastery from 1625 was re-established as a Benedictine abbey after the First World War. In 1939, the church of St. Peter and Paul's Abbey was elevated to a basilica. The abbey is only open to the public on Whit Monday. The liturgical center of the Benedictines can be visited all year round.
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# Description Distance
91 (9200, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
58 (9200, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium) 6.32 km
56 (Killestraat, 9220, Hamme, Flanders, Belgium) 9.60 km
99 (9200, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium) 11.15 km
95 (9200, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium) 13.38 km
90 (9200, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium) 16.43 km

Place name directory

  • Dendermonde, Flanders
  • Hamme, Flanders
  • Zele, Flanders
  • Berlare, Flanders
  • Wichelen, Flanders
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