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Broek of Broich means nothing but'swamp\\\'. In 1388 the area was donated by Heerlen to knight Herman van Hoen. Since then the family was called Hoen van den Broek and the later Hoensbroek came into being.

The hilly Brunssummerheide borders Hoensbroek. The beautiful forest area has nice vistas to the purple heather, fens and peat bogs. In summer when the many butterflies flutter, the romantic picture is complete. The Brunssummerheide is particularly humid because of the raised bogs that still exist. Its high moisture content makes it an ideal habitat for amphibians and reptiles: it is no exception if you encounter green frogs, grass snakes and sand lizards along the way. Other animals such as the nightjar and the tree pipit also have a good time among plants such as osprey, white-billed rush and clubmoss. In addition to the beautiful nature, the history around Hoensbroek has also left an impressive cultural heritage.

Meezenbroeck Castle presents itself at a distance of 1.5 kilometres. Although the main building was demolished around 1935, there is still much to see. Because the castle was originally built in the valley of the Caumerbeek, the water could be dammed up and filled the moats and two southern fish ponds. These water features now form the center of a neighborhood park. The still existing castle farm, like the main building, was surrounded by a moat, but because many buildings have been demolished and reconstructed later, the only remaining historical element is the gatehouse.

In order to keep the Brunssumerheide in optimum shape, a few hundred sheep are sent into the field every day for maintenance. In the evenings, the sheep are allowed in the Sheepfold where they are cared for and also get lambs.
If you are interested in science, you can stop 1 kilometer away at Explorion - Science Center and Observatory Limburg. You get a beautiful view over the vast heathland on your retina or study the sun with its sunspots. One of the two domes is equipped with a 120-year-old telescope.

You could just call Amstenrade Castle the Versailles of Limburg. The original castle was a massive fortress with three round and one square tower. The current square tower, which was built around 1609, contains remnants of the old square tower. The current complex is designed in Baroque architecture, but flirts with Neoclassicism. Around the castle is a beautiful castle park in English landscape style that has eleven hectares. There is a great diversity of trees here. On the grounds you will also see a neoclassical orangery that was built between 1814 and 1825, a coach house from 1784-1788 and the steward's house from 1856.

In Spaubeek you can enjoy the history at the ruins of Ter Borch castle. This was once an old moated castle, the residential tower of which was located on a raised island behind the current building complex. This house was also called Huis Schinnen, the Upper House and Terborgh and was already inhabited in 1285. In addition to being a residence, Terborgh Castle served as aldermen's bench and prison. Around the eighteenth century, members of the well-known gang of robbers"the goat riders\\\" were imprisoned here.

From the viaduct over the A76 you can see the traffic speeding past you. You will notice that the private mansion Terlinden is located right on the highway. Although nothing was mentioned about its appearance, Terlinden was mentioned as early as the fourteenth century.

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# Description Distance
48 (6415, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Boerderijterras D’r Binneplei en boerderijwinkel Grooten (Heihoven, 6414 AA, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.32 km
77 (6371, Landgraaf, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.05 km
76 (6414AL, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 3.67 km
Schaapskooi (6414AT, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.29 km
Explorion - Science Center en Sterrenwacht (Schrieversheide, 6414 EL, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.77 km

Place name directory

  • Heerlen, Limburg
  • Landgraaf, Limburg
  • Brunssum, Limburg
  • Amstenrade, Limburg
  • Oirsbeek, Limburg
  • Schinnen, Limburg
  • Puth, Limburg
  • Beek, Limburg
  • Beekdaelen, Limburg
  • Voerendaal, Limburg


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