Scheveningen and the Binnenhof in The Hague

Zoetermeer - South Holland - The Netherlands

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This route takes you to the Scheveningen beach and the historic buildings on the Binnenhof in The Hague.

You start your ride from Zoetermeer with a short stretch through the Buytenpark recreational area and a refreshing bike ride through the South Holland polders. Even more water-rich vistas await you when you cycle between the Vlietland Recreation Area and the Vogelplas Starrevaart. The bird lake was created especially for birds in the nineties of the last century. The pond has shallow parts, mud flaps and reed marshes along the banks and there is a bird watching hut.

Duivenvoorde Castle is mentioned in documents as early as 1226. It is one of the few Dutch castles that has never been sold, but has always passed through inheritance. Visitors can buy a walking map to it
park Duivenvoorde. Rare plants and stinsen plants are found in the Essen and Oak forests. You can find the Italian arum, spring helmet flower, snowdrop, yellow dead nettle and wild hyacinth. The lily of the valley also shows off its bells and birds flock to the currant and gooseberry.

Castle Ter Horst is part of Landgoed de Horsten. The original castle no longer exists. The stately building that you now find there was converted around 1635 into a grand country house in the Dutch Renaissance style, surrounded by a geometrically landscaped park with a coach house and an orangery. Prince Frederik completed its reconstruction as a neo-Gothic hunting lodge in 1876. Part of the De Horsten estate is open to the public.

The dunes of Wassenaar provide a large part of the Randstad with drinking water. But the Meijendel dunes are also worthwhile as a nature reserve. In the spring hawthorns bloom and in the fall you can see plenty of mushrooms. When night falls, roe deer emerge. Meijendel belongs to the top ten of the most bird-rich nature reserves in the Netherlands and nowhere else do so many nightingales occur.

In Scheveningen you cycle a lovely stretch along the sea and the harbor, after which you drive to our political capital to take a look at the Binnenhof in The Hague. This impressive building complex in the heart of The Hague has been the center of Dutch and Dutch politics for centuries. You will find the famous Ridderzaal and Trêveszaal, the court chapel, the fountain, the conference room of the Senate and of course Het Torentje. The grounds of the Binnenhof and the Buitenhof have been walled for a long time. You can still find some of those elegant ports there.

Between The Hague and Zoetermeer you can grab a few more pieces of delicious greenery. You cycle through recreational areas De Dobbeplas and De Balij: a young forest like 'green lung' between Zoetermeer and Delft.

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