The hinterland of Urk

Noordoostpolder - Flevoland - The Netherlands

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Straight ditches and neat plots mark the hinterland of the fishing village of Urk. This village is known as the most ecclesiastical in the Netherlands. Urk used to be difficult to reach by land, because the Noordoostpolder had not yet been drained. That fishing was the most important economic pillar for the population is evident from both the flag and the coat of arms: both carry a haddock. Agriculture also existed in the past, but to a lesser extent. The old village center of Urk has been well preserved as a protected townscape and is an attraction in itself. The Vissersmonument, the lighthouse, the Kerkje aan de Zee and the Bethel Church all contribute to the authenticity of Urk. Don't forget to bring your binoculars when you go cycling this route, because you follow the banks of the IJsselmeer a long way. You can look far away over the water and spot beautiful boats and ships, while a gentle breeze touches your hair. The Schokland Museum deserves extra attention during your cycling trip, which is located on one of the last three residential mounds in the polder. The indoor and outdoor exposition gives you a good idea of the geology and archeology in the Noordoostpolder and its history. At Het Wapen van Ens you start and end your cycling tour. You can park your car for free in the parking lot of the restaurant in Ens. In this fresh, contemporary catering company you can end your day out with a delicious dinner. You can of course also enjoy a drink at the bar or on the cozy terrace.
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