Bakkum, Limmen, Egmond and Heiloo

Cycling in Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands

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Cycle right through the North Holland Dune Reserve and explore the area that is used in three places for drinking water extraction. The northern part of the dunes runs from the Schoorlse Duinen to Egmond aan Zee. In this part, calcareous sand gradually changes to calcareous sand in the south. This is reflected in the vegetation, which is gradually becoming greener. In the middle part of the area the dunes are high and rugged. Dune tops are up to 30 meters high! The southern part has two infiltration areas and more trees grow on this part of the dunes. There is a lookout tower that offers you a magnificent panorama. It is striking that the vegetation in the western part of the dune area is significantly more difficult than more inland. This is due to the salty air that is brought in from the sea. Thickets and bushes grow slowly here. Helm, Zeewinde and the rare blue sea thistle can withstand salt and wind and can still be found here, while parnassia, swamp wasp orchid and water mint grow in the valleys. More inland you see more and more sea buckthorn, cardinal's hat, wild privet and blackberry bushes.
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# Description Distance
Herberg Binnen (Herenweg, 1935 AD, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
29 (1935EN, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 1.34 km
25 (Staringweg, 1935EM, Bergen (NH), Noord-Holland, Nederland) 2.01 km
14 (Geversweg, 1901 NZ, Castricum, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 6.43 km
15 (Johanna's weg, 1901NZ, Castricum, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 7.55 km
16 (Duinenboschweg, 1901NR, Castricum, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 9.99 km

Place name directory

  • Bergen (NH), North Holland
  • Castricum, North Holland
  • Heiloo, North Holland
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