Moerkerke, Bruges and Aardenburg

  • Belgium
  • Flanders
  • Maldegem
  • 51.88 km (Approximately 03:03 u)
  • Cycling route 136819

Moerkerke, Bruges and Aardenburg

  • Belgium
  • Flanders
  • Maldegem
  • 51.88 km (Approximately 03:03 u)
  • Cycling route 136819

Bruges is the capital and largest city of West Flanders, but the attractive town still feels small-scale. Much of the atmosphere is radiated by the 430 hectare historic center, which is included as a medieval city on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Cute houses, historic streets and lovely squares are waiting to be discovered. Horses pull covered wagons with tourists, their hooves clattering on the cobblestones and mighty towers on old churches rise majestically into the air.

The first and only attraction on the route is Male Castle. This castle was built in the twelfth century and served as a fortress for the Counts of Flanders. In 1954, the Sint-Trudo Abbey was established here, which also renovated and renovated the castle. The castle was sold in 2011 to Hein Deprez, the founder of the Univeg company.


# Description Distance
Artisan Restaurant-Lunch-Tearoom (Moerhuizestraat, 9990, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
6 (9990, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium) 1.09 km
3 (9990, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium) 1.51 km
65 (9992, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium) 4.72 km
15 (8340, Damme, Flanders, Belgium) 8.63 km
21 (8340, Damme, Flanders, Belgium) 10.94 km

Pause places

Artisan Restaurant-Lunch-Tearoom

Moerhuizestraat 50
9990 Maldegem

Artisan Restaurant-Lunch-Tearoom is a beautiful place in a beautiful setting! You will find a spacious parking lot, a sun-drenched terrace and a beautifully landscaped garden. There is a varied playground for the little ones. In the kitchen, the cook uses honest, daily fresh products with respect for craftsmanship. The kitchen brigade always combines pure taste with creativity, making eating out a true experience. The tearoom is open in the afternoon, where you can enjoy small snacks, pancakes, waffles, desserts and drinks as desired. In short, the ideal place to completely relax during your beautiful bike ride.


Het kasteel van Male

Kasteel van Male
8000 Bruges

This castle was once the residence of the counts of Flanders. The castle's origins date back to the 12th century.

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