Schoonloo, Orvelte and Elp

Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

29.5 km
01:44 h
520 kcal
35 m


Boswachterij Schoonloo is one of the beautiful wooded areas in Drenthe. Recreation and nature go hand in hand here and the forests are also used for wood harvesting. Sometimes the trees suddenly part and you unexpectedly come across an open field or a mysterious lake. The deeper you penetrate to the heart of the sea of trees, the quieter it becomes. Inhabitants of the forests include badgers, which forage in wet stream valleys, but build their burrows in dry places. Badgers are common in Drenthe, but also keep your eyes open for more special animals. A couple of rough-legged owls are hiding in the woods of Schoonloo. What makes this pair extra special is that they also breed there. They like to nest in hollow trees.

Equally beautiful, but of a completely different calibre, is the Orvelterzand, which was once part of the vast Orvelterveld. A large part of the Orvelterveld was reclaimed, so that around 1950 the Orvelterzand took its current shape. This is a beautiful tree-heather area, in which a fen and peaty lows are defining features. The deeper you get to the south of the Orvelterzand, the drier the soil becomes. Locally you will also find"living\\\" shifting sand. In places where the sand has been lying still for some time, miniscule plants get the chance to take root. If successful, lichens and tougher grasses can also emerge. Scottish Highlanders ensure that the area does not overgrow, they eat the leaves of the plants and shrubs. In the area there is a sheepfold, which looks old. But appearances can be deceiving: this cage was rebuilt in 2008 after the old cage burned down and the many sheep of the herd perished. We have succeeded in restoring the sheepfold to its original state and the herd is healthy again. The cage is used as one of only two breeding centers for Schoonebeker heath sheep, which belong to the rare pet breeds. Pay the woolly animals a visit.

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# Description Distance
51 (Westdorperstraat, 9443 TM, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
74 (Hoofdstraat, 9443TK, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 1.60 km
56 (9442TH, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 5.12 km
66 (9443TL, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 6.61 km
78 (9441PJ, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 13.55 km
Schaapskooi (9441 PC, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 13.73 km


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