Picturesque Echten, Hoogeveen and Zuidwolde

Staphorst - Overijssel - The Netherlands

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The Echtenerveld near Echten is a large nature reserve. Forest, heathland and fens form a varied area that you can enjoy cycling through. You will find special plants. In the 'Echtens Paradijs', a heathland with a sand drift, for example, juniper berries grow legally in the Netherlands.

Picturesque Zuidwolde
Another place you will pass on this route is Zuidwolde. In the Middle Ages, a small esdorp was created on the high sandy soils of Drenthe, amidst extensive swamps. Due to large-scale peat extraction in the seventeenth century, the marsh area was lost, but the small Zuudwolde, or Zuidwolde, was preserved. The most beautiful sight in the esdorp is undoubtedly the windmill De Vlijt. The oak, octagonal belt mill from 1878 was used to grind grain. At the moment only the hull is still standing, because the mill was dismantled in 2004.

Bed & Breakfast De Zilveren Maan
Finally, you will pass two historic burial mounds. They used to be used to bury the deceased and to venerate the dead. All burial mounds in the Netherlands are on the monument list. The route ends at Bed & Breakfast De Zilveren Maan, a beautiful authentic Saxon farm. Here you can spend the night in a wonderfully relaxed way, including an extensive breakfast. Cycle tour 135887 also starts and ends at this beautiful farm.

In the picturesque village of Echten you go back in time, as it were. You will still find old-fashioned Saxon farms. The area is dominated by the beautiful manor Echten. In the fourteenth century this was already referred to as a court state, although it is not certain whether this court state is actually the precursor of the Huis te Echten. The manor probably dates from the fifteenth century. At the time it was still a hall house, but it was renovated in the eighteenth century. A house with two wings was created around a courtyard, which lost many of its earlier elements during a 1808 renovation. Nowadays the manor is equipped as a workshop for visually and mentally handicapped people.

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