Sint-Oedenrode, Schijndel and Eerde

Meierijstad - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 135145

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27.33 km
481 kcal
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Small heather fields, beautiful forests and grassy meadows ... the Brabant landscape around Boxtel has a lot to offer. The Elderbroek and the Geelders are a few of the country names that you will encounter in the region; areas that are part of Het Groene Woud National Landscape. Poplars and bird cherry grow on elongated embankments between the ditches. There is a lot of loam in the soil, so that the soil retains a lot of moisture and the Beekse Waterloop can find its way through the landscape. This benefits the growth of the wood anemone, the slender primrose, the golden buttercup, valley herb, single berry, black rapunzel, bell gentian and dewclaw. The hawk, warbler, warbler and thrush feel right at home here. Wijboschbroek lies to the north of Schijndel. The 248-hectare nature reserve was created because the original trough landscape was reclaimed. The loamy soil and the high water level and seepage waters allow unique flora to grow. In the spring, woodland anemone and slender primrose grow in gigantic numbers among the trunks of alders. Other rare species are single-berry, orchid beetle, forest short-stem, and lady's mantle. Several woodpeckers drum on the tree trunks and the warbler, the nightingale and the yellowhammer make themselves heard, while the great crested newt and moor frog scurry on the banks of the waters. Surrounding grasslands complete the picture. At junction 21 in the route in Olland you can take a break during the bike tour in the center and then continue to enjoy this cycling route. At family camping Het Goeie leven you can enjoy a cozy get-together. Eating together with the other camping guests at a large table brings more fun and fun conversation topics to the table. The sanitary facilities are cleaned properly. So put your tent, caravan or camper at Het Goeie Leven, so that you can enjoy two beautiful bike rides in a few days. Route 135146 also starts and ends at this location.

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