The Netherlands in miniature on Texel

Texel - North Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 131167

Provided by: Staatsbosbeheer

10160 224
30.08 km
530 kcal
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Texel is the largest and most versatile of the Dutch Wadden Islands. Almost all landscapes can be found on this island. Texel has polders and dunes, mudflats, the North Sea, heath, beach and forests. What else do you want?

Through the woods
Most of the Texel forest was planted in the period between 1898 and 1921. It was a uniform forest: large areas of planted conifers of the same type and age. Forest policy has changed over the years. In De Dennen, Staatsbosbeheer strives for a forest that is as natural as possible with plenty of space for recreation. The goal is a varied forest full of trees, shrubs and plants that naturally belong in the Netherlands and that have different ages. You will also find the Waalenburgerdijkje on Texel. It was the sea dike for the polders in the Kogerveld and the Burgernieuwland. The dikes of the Waal and Burg salt marshes turned it into an inner dike.

On this route you can take a look at Ecomare, the center for Wadden Sea and the North Sea. This center was founded in 1929 and in 1975 it moved to the dunes at De Koog. You will find here a nature museum, an aquarium, a seal and bird sanctuary and a dune park. From here you can follow all kinds of excursions across Texel.
Bosroute Duinen- en Strandroute

The largest and extensive nature reserves and forests in the Netherlands are opened by the Dutch State and give you a wonderful experience in Dutch nature that you can gain by bike. It is very special to meet a forest ranger in the special visitor centers that Staatsbosbeheer has.

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Pause places

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