Water sources Limburg - Eastern Heuvelland

Cycling in Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, The Netherlands

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637 kcal
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Here the shallow sources of our drinking water are very vulnerable. This is due to the porous soil, which means that everything you do above ground almost immediately affects the groundwater quality.

So every effort is made to protect these areas, especially Roodborn and Craubeek. Because every year about 6.1 billion liters of water is extracted, purified, softened and delivered to your home via the tap. This drinking water is intended for Gulpen-Wittem, Voerendaal and Simpelveld.

Enjoy the mapped out route, but be careful with the environment! That means:

  • stay on roads and paths;
  • do not damage plants;
  • take garbage with you;
  • keep the dog on a leash and pick up the poop.

Discover where your water comes from at limburgsdrinkwater.nl .


Limburg drinking water

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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (6286AB, Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
87 (Wittemer Allee, 6286AB, Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, Nederland) 0.22 km
86 (Hommerigerweg, 6286AA, Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, Nederland) 1.58 km
85 (Landsraderweg, 6271NT, Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, Nederland) 3.44 km
58 (Valkenburgerweg, 6321GG, Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg, Nederland) 7.47 km
59 (Graafstraat, 6305BD, Schin op Geul, Limburg, Nederland) 10.15 km

Place name directory

  • Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg
  • Schin op Geul, Limburg
  • Voerendaal, Limburg
  • Trintelen, Limburg
  • Wittem, Limburg
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