Water sources Limburg - Mookerhei

Hiking in Mook en Middelaar, Limburg, The Netherlands

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2012 207
9.5 km
02:22 h
541 kcal
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The route leads past Landgoed Mookerheide. The estate, designated as a protected national monument since 2001, consists of a hunting lodge surrounded by a park and gardens. Its construction started in 1902. Together with the associated forests, the estate covers an area of 160 hectares. When Natuurmonumenten acquired the Mookerheide estate in 1985, there was hardly any talk of an'estate\\\'. After years of restoration, the estate can be experienced again and is more than worth a visit.

In order to provide additional protection for the groundwater, part of the Mookerhei groundwater protection area has been established. It concerns 380 ha, which is comparable to about 760 football fields. Enjoying the Mookerhei is possible, but handle it with care! That means:

  • stay on roads and paths;
  • do not damage plants;
  • take garbage with you;
  • keep the dog on a leash and pick up the poop.

Discover where your water comes from at limburgsdrinkwater.nl .

Parking Railway station

Limburg drinking water

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# Description Distance
mook-molenhoek (Bovensteweg, 6584GB, Mook en Middelaar, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
mook-molenhoek (Bovensteweg, 6584GB, Mook en Middelaar, Limburg, Nederland) 9.52 km

Place name directory

  • Mook en Middelaar, Limburg
  • Mook en Middelaar, Gelderland
  • Heumen, Gelderland
  • Berg en Dal, Gelderland
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