Water sources Limburg - Breehei

Horst aan de Maas - Limburg - The Netherlands

Cycling route 1308139

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43.06 km
759 kcal
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A large part of this nature reserve south of Leunen is used as a water extraction area. This peat area was created by the stagnation of groundwater and rainwater drainage. The excavation of peat has created open puddles.

This source is an important water supplier for Venray and the surrounding area. The groundwater is about 60 meters deep. The pumped water is purified on site and then goes to nearly 40,000 Limburgers, in Venray and part of Horst aan de Maas.

Enjoy this route, but be careful with the environment! That means:

  • stay on roads and paths;
  • do not damage plants;
  • take waste with you;
  • keep the dog on a leash and clean up the poo.

Discover where your water comes from at limburgsdrinkwater.nl .


Limburg drinking water

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