Water sources Limburg - Beegderheide

Maasgouw - Limburg - The Netherlands

Hiking route 1308136

Provided by: WML

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10.35 km
588 kcal
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The Beegderheide, an area with a great variety of open heathland, enclosed forests and fens. The Lange Vlieter is also located in that nature reserve. Also known as the "drinking water pool". This former gravel hole serves as a reservoir for drinking water production and plays an important role in the treatment process.

During this walk you can see that the reservoir consists of two parts: a small analysis pool (approx. 8 hectares) and the 'main basin' of over 120 hectares. The water that WML pumps from the Lateral Canal to the Lange Vlieter first enters the analysis basin to go through the first natural treatment steps.

Enjoy this walk and do it responsibly. That means:

  • stay on roads and paths;
  • do not damage plants;
  • take waste with you;
  • keep the dog on a leash and clean up the poo.

Discover where your water comes from at limburgsdrinkwater.nl .


Limburg drinking water

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