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Hiking in Boekel, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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12.7 km
03:10 h
722 kcal
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Time for a lovely walk in nature! The starting point of this walking route is eatery La Compagnie in the Brabant church village of Boekel. After your walk, settle down on the terrace for a nice lunch or dinner. Worse weather? It is also pleasant to sit inside. In any case, enjoy the Brabant atmosphere! During the walk you can enjoy the beautiful Brabant region, which is ideal for a walk. The nature around Boekel is a great place to relax. You walk along the Grootven, an idyllic place where the mist sweeps over the water in the morning. A very nice route for walking. Enjoy the peace and quiet around you while enjoying the beautiful nature.

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# Description Distance
La Compagnie (5427 BE, Boekel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
42 (Bernhardstraat, 5427AN, Boekel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 1.04 km
59 (Burgtsche Loop, 5427HL, Boekel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 1.80 km
41 (De Waterval, 5427HL, Boekel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 1.91 km
55 (Zijp, 5428GZ, Boekel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 2.97 km
58 (Zijp, 5428GZ, Boekel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 3.49 km

Place name directory

  • Boekel, North Brabant
  • Boekel, Noord-Brabant
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