Vreden, Wüllen, Stadtlohn

Vreden - North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany

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862 kcal
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Stadtlohn is a city in North-Rhine Westphalia. Archaeological finds prove that the site of Stadtlon was a medieval settlement. The current city developed around the office of the Bishop of Munster. After a few years, the administration of the city was transferred to the Counts of Löhn, since then the city has been called Stadtlohn. In 1611 the city suffered a major fire, while at the same time armed conflicts ravaged the city. After all this disaster, a conscious decision was made to let the village shrink. You will also encounter the German town of Vreden on the route. Excavations show that the area around Vreden was already populated more than 10,000 years ago. The finds in the center itself, however, only indicate inhabitation from the fifth century BC, but the village as it is today was first mentioned in 839. At the market is a beautiful paper-cutting art museum, where there are always very beautiful and interesting works of art. viewings are based on paper. When you have the time, it is fun to cycle there to admire the amazing paper cutting art. The route starts and ends at Profile Lansing "Der Fahrradspezialist". There is plenty of parking space here and you can have your bike checked before you leave. The bicycle specialist will be happy to check your bicycle and give you a 10 euro discount on maintenance and any repairs with a bicycle discount pass. This way you can start on this beautiful route without any worries. After more than 40 kilometers of cycling, you will arrive on Dutch territory at the Sevink Mölle. This is a beautiful circular stone belt mill built in 1867 just outside Meddo. The mill was mainly used as a flour mill and was completely restored in 2000, after standing still for 70 years. The mill was made fully grindable and has been in use since 2001. The Sevink Mölle now runs on a voluntary basis and for a viewing you can pick up the key yourself from the manager in the pancake house next to the mill.
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