Around Schouwen

Schouwen-Duiveland - Zeeland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 129951

Provided by: Staatsbosbeheer

7536 69
52.20 km
920 kcal
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Beautiful views over water are interspersed with the interior of Schouwen-Duiveland. Schouwen-Duiveland is a cycling area par excellence. With a bit of luck you will see a bat around dusk, and you will probably encounter one or more Shetland ponies. The island not only has nice encounters with animals, but the scenic value of Schouwen-Duiveland is also more than beautiful. There are many mills on the island. When they stand stately on the horizon, you feel proud of this piece of Dutch cultural history. Probably the most famous village you will cycle through is Renesse. The ring village with the Jacobuskerk in the middle of the ring has been a seaside resort since the early twentieth century. The first mention is from 1244. In that year the name "Riethnesse" appears, referring to the common reed plants and a corruption of the word headland. Despite the fact that the village has less than 2000 inhabitants, it does have 26 buildings with the designation National Monument. You will encounter the first attraction of the tour in Moriaanshoofd, when you have cycled six kilometers. Molen De Zwaan is a relatively low, black and octagonal ground sailor. The mill was used to grind grain and was built in 1866. He replaces a hollow post mill that had the same function. In 2002 the mill was restored and made ready for grinding, but De Zwaan is no longer in operation. You leave the mill behind you and cycle to 't Huys Grol. Grol, which means green, is one of the many typical country estates that used to be frequently built along the inner dune edges of North and South Holland and Zeeland. Usually these second homes were only occupied by merchants during the winter, who usually earned their living trading colonial wares. The history 't Huys Grol dates back to 1599.' t Huys Grol is one of the few country estates in this area that is still privately inhabited. The small estate is also operated as a guest house and is a national monument. In Burgh-Haamstede you will come to De Graanhalm, a corn mill that originated in 1847. The round, stone tower mill has a high scenic value due to all the greenery in the vicinity and because it is beautifully painted white. Nowadays there is a pancake house at the mill and the flour that is ground by the mill is processed into pancakes. The flour is also sold in the shop near the mill. In 2003, a saw window was added to the mill, which gave it a combined function of corn and saw mill. For a fee you can view an exhibition about the mill in the Graanhalm. When you get to the lookout tower in Burgh-Haamstede, get off your bike to climb the tower. The dune on which the tower stands is the highest dune top in the area. When you enjoy the phenomenal view of the tower, it is even likely that you are standing at the highest point of Schouwen-Duivenland. The watchtower was built to celebrate the construction of the waterworks and pumping station of the Water Supply Company.
Bosroute Duinen- en Strandroute E-bikeroute

The largest and extensive nature reserves and forests in the Netherlands are opened by the Dutch State and give you a wonderful experience in Dutch nature that you can gain by bike. It is very special to meet a forest ranger in the special visitor centers that Staatsbosbeheer has.

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