Mill tour through Stamprooierbroek

Cycling in Bocholt, Flanders, Belgium

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On the Altweerderheide you will find a few farms that were built here in the twentieth century. The area was therefore only relatively late. The village of Altweerterheide is still not big, there are several dozen families living there. Those looking for peace and space, but who do not want to be completely cut off from civilization, will find what they are looking for during this cycling tour. The Stamprooierbroek, which lies across the border at Kinrooi and Bree, is also a beautiful landscape. It is a remnant of what was once a gigantic stream swamp. Wet grasslands and open swamp zones alternate with alder swamp forests, willow thickets and oak forests, where nature can take its course and become rough. Locally you will find small heather remnants. Colorful butterflies such as the pied tadpole, the lesser kingfisher butterfly and the greater glaucous butterfly flutter around here diligently and you can see different types of dragonflies: the early glazier, the glass cutter and the spotted dragonfly. You can park your car for free in the parking lot at bicycle café De Stop"van Lozen\\\", where you can recharge your electric bicycle while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a lunch. When you have lifted your bike from the bike carrier, you will be on your way to the first point of interest. This is a mill called St. Anna. The flour mill from 1911 was built in Weert with parts from the demolished Clercx mill, so that farmers in the area no longer had to travel so far to have their grain milled. The mill was also equipped with a suction gas engine, so that work could continue when there was no wind. In 1931 the mill was named after the miller's wife Clijsters who was called Anna and after Sint-Anna and the mill was used until the mid-twentieth century. When the mill is running, you can take a look inside to see how the mill has been restored and does its job with one pair of grindstones. The next mill is a very different kind of mill. The Uffelse Molen is the old ban mill in the former Kessenich area. The mill in Haler was originally located on the Abeek, but now the canalized Uffelse Beek provides the mill with water power. The first mill on this site was already built in the thirteenth or fourteenth century, but in 1800 the long gable farm on which the wheel hung had deteriorated so much that it was decided to rebuild it. The Uffelse Molen originally had three pairs of millstones, but one pair was replaced so that a diesel engine could be installed in the mill to which another pair was connected. The third couple continued to operate on hydropower. The third mill you see is a seesaw mill that is located in Stamproy. The St. Jan was built in 1783 and in 1804 the post mill was moved to its current location. Until 1978, the mill ground grains on a professional basis. The statue you see next to the mill depicts one of the millers who ground on the mill. Finally you arrive at the last mill, which is called De Nijverheid or De Molen van Nijs. It is a round stone belt mill that was built in 1903. In 1921 a new owner was named Jaques Nijs. He renovated the mill and the building was named after him. The flour mill was decommissioned around 1960 and due to the standstill it slowly started to fall into disrepair. Today, De Nijverheid uses two pairs of millstones to grind grain again on a voluntary basis. Back at De Stop van Lozen you can end your day with a snack and a drink on the terrace. While you hang your electric bike back on the charger, you can admire the beautiful large koi carp in the outdoor aquarium and drink a refreshing drink before going home.
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# Description Distance
De STOP "van Lozen" (De Stop, 3950, Bocholt, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
210 (3950, Bocholt, Flanders, Belgium) 0.46 km
75 (6002SX, Weert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.49 km
44 (Voorhoeveweg, 6006SV, Weert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.58 km
De Sluis Weert (Industriekade, 6006 SJ , Weert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 10.59 km
77 (6006RS, Weert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 11.38 km

Place name directory

  • Bocholt, Flanders
  • Weert, Limburg
  • Leudal, Limburg
  • Bree, Flanders


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