Around Den Burg

Texel - North Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 129268

Provided by: Groots Genieten

5547 184
31.71 km
559 kcal
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Texel is a versatile island that offers something for everyone. A large part of Texel consists of a nature reserve with special plants and animals. Nature that is unique in the Netherlands and even for Europe. The nature reserve Waal and Burg is a favorite with water birds and orchids, among other things, grow lush here. In the direction of Oosterend you will pass through the sloping, old Texel land. Historical elements such as garden walls and sheep sheds complete an authentic part of the island here. On the east side of the route, at Oudeschild, you cycle over the dike along the Wadden Sea, overlooking the water and accompanied by the slow lapping of the waves. The first stop on the route is nature and sculpture garden De Wije Blick in De Koog. The estate has 8900 hectares. The classic rose garden is fairytale-like, there is an ecological garden, but also a standard orchard, a greenhouse with flowers, a vegetable garden with old vegetable varieties, perennial borders, a heather garden and a Dutch vineyard. The garden is adorned by beautiful ponds and there is still a real, old apiary. The Waddenhaven Texel in Oudeschild is the only usable port on Texel and can be recognized by the four windmills that tower high above the port. The harbor has 250 berths and a shop where you can provide for your basic necessities. Sheep cheese and Texel beer can be found further on. In Oudeschild you can also visit a 1902 placed corn mill. The Traanroeier previously stood as a hulling mill in Zaandam. It was the first mill to be built in Oudeschild and the only flour mill that remains on the island. The tower mill was already out of use in 1935, but during a restoration it was refurbished with two pairs of grinding stones with regulators. To prevent decay, a volunteer miller regularly puts De Traanroeier into operation. Four Lancaster bombers crashed on Texel. A Memorial Crash Lancaster bomber has been erected for each of these aircraft. During your trip you will pass the spot near Den Burg where a bomber crashed to the ground. The memorial consists of a stone and a plaque.
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