Giro Di Barneveld

Barneveld - Gelderland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 1282949

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9561 115
75.02 km
1322 kcal
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Barneveld has become known for the account of the Kabeljauw rider leader Jan van Schaffelaar who jumped from the Barneveld tower besieged by De Hoeken on 16 July 1482. On Torenplein there is a statue in memory of Jan van Schaffelaar. & Nbsp;

In addition to Barneveld center, this Gelderland municipality has interesting village centers such as Voorthuizen, Kootwijkerbroek, Garderen, Terschuur, Stroe, Zwartebroek, De Glind and Kootwijk.

Discovering Barneveld through these various village centers is possible via the many walking, cycling, horse and mountain bike routes. For example, there is the Giro di Barneveld or the Ronde van Barneveld. A 75 kilometer tourist recreational cycle route that connects all facets of Barneveld and the village centers. The route can be taken in its entirety or in part, you can start or finish in every village center.
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Go Barneveld

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