A round of the Rhine at Renkum

Cycling in Renkum, Gelderland, The Netherlands

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Follow both banks of one of the longest rivers making its way through Europe to the sea. The Rhine is 1,233 kilometers long and rises in the Swiss Alps, where two source rivers (the Front Rhine and the Back Rhine) feed the stream that eventually flows through the Netherlands. A small part of the Achter-Rhine receives water from the Italian Rhine from Lei. The river plunges from the Rhine Falls, near the Swiss-German border. This is the largest waterfall in Europe: a swirling stream of water 150 meters wide that falls 23 meters into the depths with thunder. The starting point of the cycling tour is near Renkum, a town that is more than a thousand years old. For centuries Renkum was a poor farming hamlet, but that changed in the nineteenth century. Some more expensive houses were built in the village, but the attractive value of the area was never lost. In the woods around Renkum there are burial mounds that are thousands of years old and the floodplains of the Rhine offer a beautiful view over the water. To give Renkum even more greenery, it was a fairly unique decision to remove an industrial estate so that the Renkums Beekdal can be created. This should become a connecting zone for animals, so that they can reach the Rhine from the Veluwe. On 25 May 2013, the Renkums Beekdal was officially opened by the State Secretary for Economic Affairs. When you have parked your car at Restaurant Campman, set course for Doorwerth Castle. This moated castle is first mentioned in writing in 1260. The castle, which was completely restored in 2004, now houses two museums, but the building also serves as a wedding venue. In the courtyard of the castle is the oldest robinia in the Netherlands. This tree was planted in 1579 and has thus seen more than 500 springs! Another eight kilometers further you will see a monument that was erected in memory of the Second World War: the Monument 101st Airborne Division. This stone memorial was erected by the Men of Easy Company Foundation and the COBRA group to the men of the E Company / 506th PIR / 101st Airborne Division. Some of them died in this area. A fun fact is that the well-known actor Tom Hanks, who played the lead role in Steven Spielberg's war film Saving Private Ryan, donated money with which this monument was created. Finally, in Wageningen you will see the only water tower in this city. The tower, which is thirty meters high and which stores 130 cubic meters of water, was built in 1948. This tower, which was designed by architect Th. KJ Koch, replaces an old tower that was demolished after destruction. Back at Restaurant Campman, you can end your day in the beautiful restaurant. An extensive dinner in a contemporary ambiance, complete with a glass of delicious wine, is the perfect way to enjoy your bike ride and to recover from the effort. Relaxed dining in the welcoming restaurant before you go home makes your day out extra special.
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# Description Distance
Restaurant Campman (Hartenseweg, 6871 NB, Renkum, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Restaurant Campman (Hartenseweg, 6871 NB, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland) 0.00 km
97 (Waterweg, 6871XH, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland) 0.65 km
6 (Dorpsstraat, 6871AJ, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland) 1.72 km
20 (Brood en Co, 6871AC, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland) 2.37 km
Boscafé De Beken (Nieuwe Keijenbergseweg, 6871 VZ, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland) 4.18 km

Place name directory

  • Renkum, Gelderland
  • Doorwerth, Gelderland
  • Arnhem, Gelderland
  • Overbetuwe, Gelderland
  • Wageningen, Gelderland
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