Around The Hague and Rijswijk

Rijswijk - South Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 127079

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1976 88
27.44 km
483 kcal
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You start the route in Rijswijk, at Brasserie Almost Thuis / Hotel Hoevevoorde. Here you can enjoy with the capital letter G. Quality time in a wooded area, what more could you want? During the route you will discover The Hague and its beautiful surroundings. Even though The Hague is not the capital of the Netherlands, the city does fulfill that role to a large extent. In The Hague you will get to know the districts Segbroek and Laak, which have been part of the city since 1988. The largest part of the political capital undoubtedly occupies the center. Along the way you will pass the Te Werve estate. The site is partly built on a nutrient-poor shoreline that is no less than 5,000 years old. & Nbsp;

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