Around Grebbeberg near Rhenen

Rhenen - Utrecht - The Netherlands

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6.79 km
386 kcal
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Your walking route starts at Brasserie Villa GrebbeOord, located at the foot of the historic Grebbeberg. You immediately walk up the 'mountain' to De Koningstafel in Rhenen, which offers you a royal view of the area. In the distance you can see the old village center of Rhenen. A beautiful picture, especially because of the almost 82 meters high tower of the fifteenth-century Cunerakerk. It is wonderful to walk in the shade of the oaks on the Grebbeberg. On the way back you will pass the military cemetery Grebbeberg. About half of the 800 war dead buried here were killed in the Battle of the Grebberg in 1940, the largest and most famous battle on Dutch territory. Numerous fortifications on the mountain remind us of this period.

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