Walking along Huis te Werve

Rijswijk - South Holland - The Netherlands

Hiking route 1257256

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933 174
6.23 km
354 kcal
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Halfway through, you will pass Brasserie Almost Thuis / Hotel Hoevevoorde in Rijswijk. Here you can rest for a while and enjoy a snack and a drink. After the break you walk to Huis te Werve, which is located in a protected nature park. The site is partly situated on a 5000 year old, nutrient-poor beach wall and partly on nutrient-rich peat, clay and sandy soils. Via the driveway of the estate you reach the monumental country house and from the terrace you have a view of the pigeon tower. There is an English garden, a fern garden and a woodland garden. The mansion is colonial English with contemporary chandeliers and marble floors. Partly due to the lake, the estate attracts about eighty bird species. The rest of the route you walk through a lot of green. Here you can really relax!

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