E-bike route Rijswijk and Zoetermeer

Rijswijk - South Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 1257236

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303 25
64.80 km
1142 kcal
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Get on your bike and explore the nature around Rijswijk and Zoetermeer. You start at Brasserie Almost Thuis / Hotel Hoevevoorde. The notables from The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam stayed here for centuries. Enjoy the beautiful, characteristic country house on the Overvoorde estate, where the hotel now stands. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner here or stay overnight to see a lot more of the area. You set course in the direction of Zoetermeer, to the Zoetermeerse Plas. In the winter months, after a period of severe frost, the pool can be completely full, with geese, swans, grebes and ducks. Very special to see! Furthermore, it is a very natural route with typical Dutch views with mills and meadows. For example, the elongated area of Bleiswijkse Fles, which is located on the east side of Bleiswijk.

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