Cycling along the Scheldt near Tournai

Cycling in Celles, Wallonia, Belgium

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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32.9 km
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580 kcal
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This route takes you through the area north of Tournai where the river Scheldt is still in its infancy. The Scheldt rises in the municipality of Guoy in the north of France and from here the river flows through Hainaut and Flanders to the North Sea.

Bloom in Tournai
The starting point of this route is in Pottes. From here you set course in the direction of Tournai through the peaceful and green landscape in this area. Tournai - the second oldest city in the country - is millennia old and owes a considerable part of its prosperity to the Scheldt. Especially in the 16th century, Tournai's economy flourished unparalleled thanks to the trade in stones from Tournai, sculptures from Tournai workshops, sheets and carpets woven in Tournai and later thanks to the porcelain trade. Trade was mainly conducted via the Scheldt. Tournai's prosperity aroused envy and the city suffered many hostile attacks.

The right bank of the Scheldt
This route takes you along the quiet right bank of the Scheldt, where a bicycle path takes you right along the water. A wonderful route full of tranquility where you have enough time to contemplate the eventful history of the Scheldt.

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# Description Distance
7760, Celles, Wallonia, Belgium 0.00 km
Place de Pottes, 7760, Celles, Wallonia, Belgium 32.91 km

Place name directory

  • Celles, Wallonia
  • Tournai, Wallonia
  • Pecq, Wallonia
  • Spiere-Helkijn, Flanders
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