Cycling through history: Diksmuide and the Yser

Cycling in Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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34.6 km
02:02 h
609 kcal
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The starting point of your route is Diksmuide with its historic center. Before or after your route, be sure to walk through the market with its Manneke uit de Mane past the City Hall, the Begijnhof, the Vismarkt, the Sint-Niklaas Church, the Kleine and Grote Dijk, the old Bloemmolens and the Portus Dixmuda marina. Diksmuide has an illustrious past, on which the First World War also left its mark. In the Yser Tower, which you quickly pass at the start of the tour, the front comes back to life with original material such as uniforms and weapons, placed in lifelike decors. The river Yser, which you follow for a long way here, will ring a bell with many people. After all, this was where the Belgian army withdrew in 1914 in a last-ditch effort to repel the German attack. It's hard not to be impressed by this history. While cycling through the beautiful surrounding landscape with its endless views, you slowly come to yourself. The charming village centres, age-old farms and protected nature reserves invite you for a wonderful discovery tour. Further along the Yser, near Nieuwkapelle, you will see a windmill and another one further on. The wind turbines were purchased by local families from a cooperative that converts the wind into energy in more and more places here in the Westhoek. Fun fact: these windmills provide enough energy to provide at least 1150 families with all the comforts every year! Only at the hamlet of Fintele do you turn away from the Yser. It is located exactly where the Lovaart and the Yser meet, at the lock and spillway. The Grote Beverdijkvaart also ends here. Also take a look at the old metal bridge over the Yser and an old wooden, removable bridge, called De Hooipiete, that was built every year over the Yser so that farmers could reach their damp lands. A special place and not for nothing a protected village view! You then follow the Lovaart to the old town of Lo, where De Oude Abdij is a beautiful and bicycle-friendly place to have a bite to eat or drink. The serenity and the unique 18th century Pigeon Tower, and the paradisiacal environment, complete with orchard and fish pond, have remained of the Augustinian Fathers. History is all around you here - including in the Mout- & Brouwhuis de Snoek, a little further along the route. Here you will find a complete, authentic brewery and malthouse from the 19th century, an exceptional piece of industrial heritage. And of course you should taste those delicious, traditional brews in the authentic Brouwershof before you cycle on to Diksmuide.

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# Description Distance
74 (8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
74 (8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 0.04 km
49 (IJzerdijk, 8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 0.35 km
50 (8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 3.18 km
58 (8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 6.97 km
58 (8600, Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium) 6.99 km

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  • Diksmuide, Flanders
  • Lo-Reninge, Flanders
  • Alveringem, Flanders
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