Vorden to Almen through the County

Cycling in Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 123769

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24.3 km
01:25 h
428 kcal
21 m
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Fairytale vistas in a semi-open area. An idyllic interplay of wooded banks, hedges, farms, fields and streams in a small-scale scenic landscape, where castles and estates can be seen in full regalia. National Landscape De Graafschap is unique in the Netherlands and is considered to be one of the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen within our borders. Landgoed't Waliën is one of the most beautiful areas that the National Landscape has to offer. Between larch, spruce and American oak trees lie four mysterious pools, where frogs and toads like to take a dip and salamanders bask on the banks. The roar of the black woodpecker can be heard, but you have to search carefully before you can spot the little bird in the treetops. Country estate't Enzerinck, located next to Vorden, is also a beautiful area. A country house that was built in 1836 dominates the estate, but the surroundings of the house are also beautiful. Special tulip trees bloom and magnolias also thrive here. Among the grasses you will find silverbeans, daisies and the sharp buttercup, while under the foliage in the park forest, horsetail, valleyweed and lesser periwinkle grow. Accompanied by the drumming of three species of woodpeckers and the song of the blackcap, robin and garden warbler, this bike tour will undoubtedly please the nature lover. The cycle route starts in the middle of the Achterhoek at Hotel Bakker, a hospitable family hotel in Vorden. A lovely peaceful atmosphere and a warm welcome await you here. The hotel has a cozy terrace, an excellent restaurant and a nice taproom, so you can relax with a snack and a drink after your bike ride. In the hotel you can spend the night in comfortable rooms for a nice price. When you do this, you can take advantage of our cycling package and also explore route 123766, which leads through the area from the hotel. When you are in Vorden, take a moment to visit the Hackfortermolen. This is possible before, during or after your bike ride, because the old tower mill is less than four kilometers away from the hotel. This round stone mill was built in 1851, but in the early twentieth century the mill fell into disrepair due to a nearby mill. In 1943, Baron Van Westerholt decided to repair the mill and in the same year, the Hackfortermolen was used to grind again on wind power. The mill was also restored in 1967, 1974 and 1985. Nowadays milling is done on a voluntary basis. If you want to see the inside of the mill, you can visit it on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.
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# Description Distance
Hotel Bakker (Dorpsstraat, 7251 BB, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Hackfortermolen (Vispassage Hackfort, 7251RH, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.84 km
88 (7251RL, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 4.54 km
84 (Hoekendaalseweg, 7251RM, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 6.08 km
81 (Gazoorweg, 7251HG, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 8.25 km
44 (7231PK, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 11.30 km

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  • Bronckhorst, Gelderland
  • Zutphen, Gelderland
  • Lochem, Gelderland
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