Schagen, Den Helder and Anna Paulowna

Cycling in Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 122321

Provided by: VVV Top van Holland

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69.9 km
04:06 h
1231 kcal
8 m
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Den Helder is the home base of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Most activities of our defenders in the water therefore take place in or near the city. For example, the naval airport is a stone's throw away and a naval barracks is located on Texel. Most naval vessels are anchored in the port of Den Helder. There is also a maintenance yard and many workshops and training courses, including the Royal Naval Institute (KIM). As you make your way to picturesque villages and smaller towns such as Anna Paulowna and Schagen, you will cycle through a sea of colors. Strips of green meadows and the bulb fields provide a picturesque picture. The colorful spring and summer seasons are ushered in with the blooming of crocuses in late March. The beautiful colors of different types of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths continue quickly, while in late summer gladiolus, dahlias, carnations and asters provide a second dazzling sea of diverse colours. During the first half of the bike ride you will see Fort Kijkduin. The fortress was built in 1811 by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. Initially, the fort was named after a colonel in Napoleon's army, Francois Louis Morland, but after the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, the fort was given its current name. When originally built, the fort consisted of a 64-metre-long masonry reduit with two bastions on the south side. The whole was surrounded by a dry moat. In 1822 a brick lighthouse was built on top of the fort, and the twenty-two meter high tower was also provided with embrasures. That tower was replaced in 1877 by Lange Jaap. In 1897 an armored observatory was placed on the roof. The fort is a national monument. The second half of the route you pass WV Anna Paulowna. Here you can take a break, enjoy a refreshing drink on a terrace, while the activity around you creates a cozy atmosphere. There is always something to see or do; the beautiful pleasure boats and larger yachts are a feast for the eyes and almost every water sports enthusiast is up for a chat. This route, which is more than 66 kilometers long, starts at Profile Westeenk in Schagen. Before you start the long bike ride, we advise you to have your bike thoroughly inspected by a bicycle specialist. This way you can be sure that you can complete your route safely and without unpleasant surprises. If you have a bicycle discount card, you will receive a 10 euro discount on repairs or maintenance.
Bicycle maintenance Hotel Restaurant Marina Fort Camper place

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# Description Distance
Profile Westenenk (Molenstraat, 1741GE, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
45 (Laan, 1741EA, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.25 km
Hotel Marktstad (1741 BS, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.66 km
35 (1751CZ, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.27 km
44 (1751DC, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 6.19 km
32 (1751DG, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 7.01 km

Place name directory

  • Schagen, North Holland
  • Den Helder, North Holland
  • Hollands Kroon, North Holland
  • Anna Paulowna, North Holland


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