Noordwijk, Leiden and Sassenheim

Cycling in Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands

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39.5 km
02:19 h
695 kcal
17 m
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Get a breath of fresh air in a Natura 2000 area with a magnificent view of the North Sea: you have to be in the Coepelduynen for that. The sand hills are located between Noordwijk and Katwijk and you follow the coastline for a large part during this nice cycling route. When you cycle inland, you cross a beautiful system of peat lakes near Leiden: the Kagerplassen. It is the oldest water sports area in the Netherlands and sailing, rowing and motor sports association De Kaag provides the necessary life in the brewery. This association has played a significant role in the development of aquatic tourism around the lakes and the area immerses you in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Leiden itself is also referred to as'Key City\\\'. That name refers to the city's coat of arms, which consists of a white shield and two crossed red keys. The history of the city goes back to at least the year 860, when it was still a dike village, built at the foot of an artificial hill. Present-day Leiden is primarily a center of scientific knowledge and new technology. It is not for nothing that Leiden has the oldest university in the Netherlands. Combine the useful with the pleasant and bring your bike before you leave for maintenance at Profile Mooijekind. The bicycle specialist is located at the parking lot where you can park your car for free at the start of the bicycle route. With your bicycle discount pass you will receive a discount of 10 euros on maintenance and any repairs needed to get your bike back in top condition.
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# Description Distance
Profile Mooijekind (Schoolstraat, 2202HD, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
22 (2202BE, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.52 km
63 (2225WD, Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.74 km
62 (2221CG, Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 5.23 km
95 (Kanaalpad Noord-West, 2231NX, Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 8.34 km
94 (2231JW, Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 8.93 km

Place name directory

  • Noordwijk, South Holland
  • Katwijk, South Holland
  • Oegstgeest, South Holland
  • Teylingen, South Holland
  • Leiderdorp, South Holland
  • Kaag en Braassem, South Holland
  • Haarlemmermeer, North Holland
  • Lisse, South Holland
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