Through Ospel and Neerkant to the Groote Peel

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Nederweert
  • 39.45 km (Approximately 02:19 u)
  • Cycling route 119794

Through Ospel and Neerkant to the Groote Peel

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Nederweert
  • 39.45 km (Approximately 02:19 u)
  • Cycling route 119794
National Park De Groote Peel is perfect for a bike ride. Admire wetlands, moors and small patches of forest here. Along the way you will come across all kinds of ponds, peat pits, peel lanes and peel canals that were created by peat extraction.

De Groote Peel National Park
From the starting point of the route you immediately set course for De Groote Peel National Park. This peat bog used to cover 30,000 hectares. Most of the area has disappeared due to peat extraction and the reclamation of agricultural land. Today there are 4000 hectares left full of flora and fauna. You will find rare butterflies and dragonflies here, such as the mirror tadpole and the white-nosed dragonfly. Vesting Vossenberg is located on the edge of the Groote Peel. This fortress consists of seven casemates that were built in 1940 to defend Vesting Holland. They were placed on the old Meijelse sand ridge, so that the archers were on higher ground and could aim more easily.

Windmill De Cornflower
Molen De Korenbloem is located near the end of the route. This is a belt mill from 1870 that was used as a corn mill. The mill was damaged during the Second World War, but it was immediately restored after the liberation. The mill was in operation until 1948 and then the mill slowly fell into disrepair. In 1990 the mill was restored and since then milling has been done on a voluntary basis. You can regularly visit the inside of the mill.


# Description Distance
De Peelkiosk (Moostdijk, 6035 RB, Nederweert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
7 (6035RD, Nederweert, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.01 km
8 (5768PJ, Peel en Maas, Limburg, The Netherlands) 5.06 km
Vesting Vossenberg (Meijelseweg, 5758SK, Asten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.55 km
20 (5758AR, Deurne, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 11.90 km
45 (5725RW, Asten, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 16.02 km

Pause places

De Peelkiosk

Moostdijk 15
6035 RB Nederweert

At the Peelkiosk (with conservatory and outdoor terrace) you can enjoy a cup of coffee with lunch, which is great in combination with your exploration of this National Park. Immediately take a look at the shop of the outdoor center, where you will find all kinds of products to go into nature, such as binoculars and hiking maps. They also have beautiful nature books and nice local products. Do-it-yourself and discovery tours are rented out at the information desk, and all kinds of fun activities also start. The starting point for the Groote Peel!


Vesting Vossenberg

5758SK Asten

Molen De Korenbloem

6035AV Nederweert

This flour mill was built in 1870. A year later a miller's house was added. The mill has had different owners over the centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, the miller at the time placed a grinding chair with a petrol engine in the mill as an auxiliary pumping station. Furthermore, the mill was continuously improved to make grinding even easier. For example, in 1935 Dekker blades were installed to make the mill more streamlined. In 1930 the company was expanded with a warehouse to increase the trade in grain, animal feed and fertilizers. In 1944 the mill was damaged in the war. The rod, the hood and the grinding loft were damaged. Shortly after the liberation, the mill was restored to its former glory. The mill was used for milling until 1948, but then the mill came to a halt. In 1972 the mill was bought by the municipality to prevent further deterioration of the mill. In 1990 the mill was put back into use.

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