Around De Utrecht and Baarle

Ravels - Flanders - Belgium

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40.93 km
721 kcal
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From Poppel, Belgium, you drive to Landgoed De Utrecht. You can enjoy the fresh air in the vast silent forests. You cross the border again, then you drive through a mosaic of fields, meadows, streams and small forests. In short: a varied environment where you cycle on low-traffic roads. Further on you pass through Baarle. This village is divided into Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog. The borders here run right through streets and buildings. They have been made visible everywhere with special pavement tiles and aluminum plates in the road surface. You will pass a number of sights, such as Baarle 's Museum which is dedicated to statues made of candle wax. Further on is the old town hall. You drive back to Poppel through the countryside. Here your tour ends at Bistro De Nieuwe Burcht.
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