Around Zierikzee and Burgh-Haamstede

Schouwen-Duiveland - Zeeland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 116855

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59.66 km
1051 kcal
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After a coffee with something tasty at Brasserie Le Maire you step on the saddle full of energy. You drive through the dunes and forests of the Zeepe nature reserve to Burgh. Here you can see the Graanhalm, a corn mill from 1847. You can also admire a replica of the former medieval ring castle. Forestry Westerschouwen is the largest forest in Zeeland. It is wonderfully quiet cycling here. On the dike along the Oosterschelde you pass the Plompetoren, an old church tower from 1468. From the top you have a beautiful panorama of the area. Further on you drive past the nature reserve De Schelphoek and the Prunjepolder. In Zierikzee it is time to enjoy cultural history, such as in the City Hall Museum. Haamstede Castle is the last point of interest on your route.
Bosroute Duinen- en Strandroute E-bikeroute

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