Around Braakman Creek, Westdorpe, Biervliet and Hoek

Cycling in Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

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1003 kcal
6 m
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Close to your starting point, you can immediately go to Hotel Cafe Restaurant De Tukker for a cup of coffee. Then you explore the banks along the open water of the Braakman Creek. All kinds of water sports are practiced on and in the 205 hectares of water: from sailing and rowing to swimming and fishing. Waterfowl, such as tufted duck and black-tailed godwit, also like to use the creek, they visit the area as a resting place. Approximately 500 hectares of forest have also been planted in the Braakman polder. You will also pass Walm. bastion Generaliteit (hull / remnant), a relic from the time when Ghent was still a fortified city. Many fortifications were lost in 1930 when unemployed people were used to destroy the city walls. A mill that has stood the test of time better is the Windlust mill.
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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (4554AG, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
85 (Graafjansdijk A, 4554AE, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.25 km
Hotel Cafe Restaurant De Tukker (Graafjansdijk A, 4554 AL, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 1.14 km
85 (Graafjansdijk A, 4554AE, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 2.04 km
79 (4551BD, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 3.09 km
24 (4551LS, Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 7.45 km

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  • Terneuzen, Zeeland
  • Sluis, Zeeland
  • Zeeland
  • Assenede, Flanders
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