Round of Diamonds Aa and Theater of Nature

Cycling in Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands

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47.0 km
02:45 h
828 kcal
14 m
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There is much to discover in Westerwolde. Your route starts at the TOP at the Sellingerbossen. At the edge of this forest you pass the Theater of Nature, a unique work of art. Here you look out over the Ruiten Aa, a stream that is also called the backbone of Westerwolde. You cycle a long way through this lovely stream valley, it is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands! You will also pass one of the Paddle and Pedal stations that are located in Westerwolde. You can rent bicycles or canoes here to explore this beautiful area. You can transfer from canoe to bicycle at every station. Further on is the beautiful fortified village of Bourtange, where you will experience a unique cultural history.
Tourist Transfer Point (TOP) Tourist idea Restaurant Paddle and pedal station Windmill

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# Description Distance
TOP Informatiecentrum de Noordmee (TOP Sellingen, 9551VJ, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
33 (9551VJ, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.14 km
33 (Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.44 km
34 (Borgerweg, 9551VA, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.92 km
19 (9551XP, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 3.04 km
24 (9551VG, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands) 5.56 km

Place name directory

  • Westerwolde, Groningen
  • Stadskanaal, Groningen
  • Groningen
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