Texel - North Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 115810

Provided by: Groots Genieten

5473 343
41.05 km
723 kcal
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The dune area of Texel is a beautiful nature reserve with dunes, forests, heaths, salt marshes and an extensive beach plain. The vastness of the sea and beach, the beautiful forests and the large dune landscape make the National Park Duinen van Texel a beautiful area to visit. The nature reserve is 43 square kilometers and forms a sea of dunes as far as you can see over the entire west side of Texel. Because of the tranquility, Texel is a paradise for many animal species: the common seal and the gray seal are having a great time along the coastline, rabbits hare hares in the dunes where ermines hunt and if you are lucky, you will see a white-beaked dolphin swimming in the sea. It will not surprise you that Texel also attracts many different bird species: the brent goose, tundra Bean goose, spoonbill, shelduck, wigeon, lapwing and pied sandpiper are just a few of the feathered animals that come to seek refuge on the island. On arrival you can park your car for free in the parking lot. Then you leave in a northerly direction to the windmill Het Noorden. Het Noorden is a polder mill just north of Oosterend. The mill was built to drain the northeastern areas of the island. In 1928 the mill was equipped with streamlines and three screw pumps for better operation. The mill fell out of operation around 1964 and in 1970 became the property of the De Hollandse Molen foundation. He has restored the mill and made it operational again, so that it can now be put into operation on a voluntary basis. Windmill De Kemphaan is also a nice windmill to view. This pasture mill was built to flood a bird sanctuary. The mill is owned by the Natuurmonumenten Association. A storm in the fall of 2008 broke off one blade and damaged several blades. In the following summer, the mill was completely restored and made ready for milling. The mill is a municipal monument and in 2013 it runs on a voluntary basis. Finally, three kilometers further on the route, you will find the beautiful nature and sculpture garden De Wije Blick. This beautiful 89-hectare estate is full of wild flowers and plants. There is a classic rose garden, some ponds, an ecological garden and a flower greenhouse. There are also exhibitions of sculpture and various workshops and courses are given.
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