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Veere - Zeeland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 115640

Provided by: Groots Genieten

6950 419
31.25 km
550 kcal
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In the western part of Zeeland is a peninsula where you can enjoy the vastness of the province, while cycling through the landscape. You can see the North Sea, the Western Scheldt and the Veerse Meer. The Delta Works were also constructed here from 1958 to prevent flooding in the future after the flood disaster. This also opened up Walcheren to the rest of the Netherlands. Now you can enjoy cycling through the fields, meadows and fields and enjoy the vastness of the landscape. You immediately notice that agriculture in this area plays a major role and you will be amazed by the different colors and crops on the plots. The route starts at the supermarket on the Kerkring in Grijpskerke. In the supermarket you can buy a delicious sandwich, a hearty snack or a refreshing bottle of drink, so that you can keep your energy up during your bike ride. Then you leave in a southwestern direction. Soon you will come across mill t Welvaaren. This former flour mill was built in 1801 and replaced a post mill that had been blown over. History has not been favorable to this mill either; in 1845 the cross of the windmill was blown, so that it was later dismantled and only the body of the mill remained. Because people lived in the hull who later added parts to the mill, the mill can no longer run even after restoration. The Meliskerk mill is located about five kilometers away in Meliskerke. This round, stone ground sailor also dates from 1801. The corn mill was built at the time to replace a post mill, which was blown over during a violent storm. The mill ground grain until 1954, but then fell into disrepair until it was restored in 1987. Those curious about how the mill works can visit it on Saturdays. You cycle through the rural polder of Walcheren increasingly westerly and when you arrive at the mill in Zoutelande, you cannot help but smell the salty sea air. The mill from 1722 looms up on the horizon when you approach the village. The Zoutelande windmill was built after its predecessor was blown over. The ground sailor still grinds grain, but nowadays does so with a miller who works on a voluntary basis. Leaving the village behind, the route follows the coastline. For example, you cycle around Westkapelle through Domburg to Westhove Castle, located between Domburg and Oostkapelle. The castle was already mentioned in 1277 as the property of the Abbey of Middelburg, but probably existed much longer by then. The castle has already known many owners, because every time a new abbot came, the name was changed. With beautiful towers, the robust castle and the green, carefully landscaped estate around it, is a feast for the eyes. After you have cycled another ten kilometers, you will return to the supermarket. Before you go home to rest, you can buy all the ingredients you need to prepare a delicious meal here. This way you can reminisce about the wonderful day outdoors at your own dining table.
Bosroute Duinen- en Strandroute

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