Discover Almere and the beautiful Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve

Cycling in Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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The IJsselmeer polders were originally only intended as agricultural land, to give the agricultural industry an impulse. But after the Second World War, the Dutch population in Amsterdam grew so fast that more space was needed to accommodate all these people. This is how Zuidweststad was born, the city that was called'Almere\\\' in the 1970s.

Almere Castle
This route takes you through Almere and further you cycle through the deserted landscape between the meadows. You also visit the Oostvaardersplassen. This is a unique swampy nature reserve where you will encounter large herds of game and hundreds of bird species. You can come face to face with a bull, horse or red deer between the lawns and the reeds, while the cormorants skim over the puddles in pursuit of fresh fish. From the parking lot in Almere it is less than five kilometers by bike to one of the youngest castles in the Netherlands: Almere Castle. Actually, the castle is rather a ruin, because it was never finished.

Outside the built-up area
When you have cycled from Almere to Zeewolde and have left the built-up area behind you, you will come across a shipwreck. The location of the wrecked ship can be recognized by a large pole with a red ship on it.

An old shipwreck
The wreck was uncovered during the reclamation of Zeewolde and looks impressive in the deserted landscape. Around the wreck you can see on the horizon the many wind turbines for which the province is known. Flevoland has only nearly 600 modern wind turbines, which are grouped together in wind farms and used to generate energy.
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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (Cirkelpad, 1358BC, Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
85 (Stevenspad, 1358AA, Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 3.15 km
84 (Starleypad, 1358BT, Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 4.60 km
82 (1356EE, Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 5.90 km
Kasteel Almere (1358 BT , Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 8.15 km
78 (1351GP, Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands) 12.01 km

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  • Almere, Flevoland
  • Zeewolde, Flevoland
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