Enclave village Baarle: a tangle of borders

Baarle-Nassau - North Brabant - The Netherlands

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5730 98
21.29 km
375 kcal
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After a cup of coffee at Brasserie De Kievit you get on your bike. Baarle-Nassau lies along the edge of the Dutch border. Here, Belgian and Dutch culture merge and you experience the best of both worlds. In this enclave village, a total of 30 pieces of Belgium and the Netherlands are intertwined! In built-up areas, the enclave borders have been made visible everywhere with special paving stones. The national tricolor on the house number plates also indicates whether you are in Belgium or the Netherlands. You will also come across the Bels line, this former track leads all the way from Turnhout to Tilburg. It is now a beautiful cycle path. The most famous estate in this area is probably Landgoed Schaluinen. This hospitable estate is hidden between the woods and has a spacious layout.

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