Cycling in the Vecht region

Woerden - Utrecht - The Netherlands

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992 kcal
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Cycling more than 56 kilometers along channels, canals, fens and other waterways: cycling through the Vecht region north of Woerden is never boring. You cycle through the characteristic polder landscape.

Starting point: Kamerik
This cycle route starts at Eetcafé De Herberg in Kamerik. The eatery - which was originally a cafeteria - was founded by former cyclist Gerard Vianen. Later a snack bar was added in addition to the cafeteria. This is the place to be for a snack or a drink before or after your bike ride. The most striking building in Kamerik is the church. It was built around 1855.

The Vecht region
Cycling through the Vecht region is wonderful. The Vecht region is known for the presence of the many estates, castles and country houses, but also for the beautiful nature. A short distance on both sides of the river, there are natural areas that have been created by peat bogs. The horizon is far away in this landscape that stretches out before you. What a feeling of freedom!

Vinkeveense Plassen
During the route you cycle through Wilnis to Mijdrecht in the direction of Vinkeveen. Vinkeveen is best known for the Vinkeveense Plassen. There is diving here, but also sailing and sailing. But it is also a beautiful area for cycling and walking. This wetland peat meadow area has a typically Dutch character with characteristic, elongated plots. The Vinkeveense Plassen was created from the Golden Age by the extraction of peat. The current elongated islands are laid fields, which were formerly used as drying fields for wet peat.

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