Through the Kampina and the Oisterwijkse Bossen and Vennen

Cycling in Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Brabantse Natuurpoorten

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Discover the beautiful heathland of Southeast Brabant. This route leads you over the Kampinase Heide and the Oisterwijkse Heide. In these areas you will of course find extensive moors, but also coniferous forests and fens.

Oisterwijk Visitor Center
There is plenty to see in and around the village of Oisterwijk and in the fen area itself. Take a look at the Oisterwijk visitor center to learn more about the nature in this area. Love for nature is central to this center and there is plenty to do for young and old. Children can enjoy themselves in the clambering forest and activities are regularly organized such as deer excursions, safaris through the forest and treasure hunts with a compass.

Pancake house Belveren
If you are looking for a place to satisfy your appetite, you can go to Pannekoekenhuis Belveren in Haaren. This pancake house is part of Natuurpoort Nemerlaer. The menu contains more than 290 different types of pancakes: sweet, savory, simple or luxurious. Just choose what you feel like. If you don't feel like pancakes, you can also go for another dish from the menu. The pancake house is located in an old farm with a cozy conservatory.

Old Castles
On this route you will also pass Mansion Hotel Bos & Ven castle and Nemerlaer castle. The last castle is still inhabited and a café is located in the basement. Cultural activities such as exhibitions and concerts take place regularly. This location also serves as a wedding location for the municipality of Haaren. The estate surrounding the castle consists of stately avenues, streams and a forest. Various animals such as woodpeckers live here and if you pay attention you might even see a deer.
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Brabantse Natuurpoorten

Brabant Nature Gates are d? starting points for a cycling or walking tour through the Brabant countryside. Nature gates are located on beautiful nature reserves. There is always a catering point, nice cycling and walking routes, ample parking and information about nature and the routes.

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# Description Distance
Natuurpoort Nemerlaer (Oisterwijksedreef, 5076 NA, Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Pannekoekenhuis Belveren (Oisterwijksedreef, 5076 NA, Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
1 (5076, Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.36 km
82 (5076, Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.89 km
89 (5076, Haaren, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.71 km
88 (5062SW, Oisterwijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 2.58 km

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  • Haaren, North Brabant
  • Oisterwijk, North Brabant
  • North Brabant
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