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Cycling in Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

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This route may be too long with small children, but definitely recommended with older children! The route takes you around Vlissingen with no less than 7 kilometers along the beautiful coastline of this Zeeland town. Vlissingen is one of seventeen protected town and village views in Zeeland. In the summer months, the Boulevards, Nollestrand and Badstrand attract many tourists and Vlissingers. On the south pier is a wind chime, which consists of bamboo pipes (with various holes). In strong wind this almost sounds like a chorus. You will also find the statue of Michiel de Ruyter here. Michiel de Ruyter is one of the most famous naval heroes in Dutch history. He played an important role in the first three Anglo-Dutch Wars. In addition, he took part in various wars in the Baltic Sea and against piracy in the Mediterranean. De Ruyter was alternately employed by the state and shipowners, and for some time was even active as an independent entrepreneur in the whaling industry. The old center has about 300 monuments, making the city the 30th monument city in the Netherlands. For example, we find the Oranjemolen in the city. The mill is ready to grind and is still used to grind grain on a voluntary basis. Of the 23 city mills in Vlissingen, the Oranjemolen is the only one left. It is the closest mill in the Netherlands to the sea. The mill has suffered from war violence several times. A bullet from the English fleet in 1809 is said to be in the southwest side of the mill wall. Traces of the Second World War can also be found - the Allies landed near the mill in 1944. The city has a maritime character, partly because of these monuments, but also because of its location on the Western Scheldt, the robust and unpolished buildings in the Scheldt quarter and the busy shipping traffic on the roadstead. The play of water and wind creates a different atmosphere in the city every day. The Western Scheldt has many shallow spots, which means that a pilot comes on board for most ships. The piloting of the ships is easy to follow from the boulevards.
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# Description Distance
4382 AG, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
88 (4381LE, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.77 km
Oranjemolen (Oranjemolen, 4381AT, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 2.16 km
86 (4382NN, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 3.70 km
85 (4382NS, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 4.42 km
87 (4381WX, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 4.82 km

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  • Vlissingen, Zeeland
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